By Kristin Steinmetz

 I hate New Year’s resolutions. Well, I always tell my girls we don’t use the word hate…I don’t like idea of resolutions. I think that if something in your life is that important, you should have the power and motivation to change it on any day of the year. ... But let’s say you are busy, in a routine, not so much a Type-A personality. So New Year’s Eve rolls around and you get reminded that you need to make a change. Great!!! So let’s do it. If you’re like MOST people in America, your goal for 2014 revolves around fitness: eat better, exercise more, finally lose those 10 pounds. Again.  

Instead, how about resolving to take more time for you? Remember what its like to be young again. Have more fun. Make new friends. Invest some more time in becoming a better, healthier you. What if losing that weight and fitting into those old jeans wasn’t the goal, but simply a by-product of taking an hour a day for yourself? Joining CrossFit did all those things for me and more. The simple act of showing up a few times a week those first few months quickly resulted in becoming dedicated to fitness on a daily basis. I am no longer a slave to the scale and now food is not my enemy, but fuel for the machine. I see strong men and women of all ages, with different body types, and busier schedules than me giving it their all for 1 hour a day. You can do that. Now. On January 1st. On May 18th. Whenever you’re ready for that change.