Star Student

By Kristin Steinmetz

I’m constantly trying to think of ways that we will be able to make our box better. How to implement the ideas that we have discussed for the past six months.

Today, after my shower- where I happen to do my best thinking- I thought, “What if we have star student of the WOD, or of the week?” I thought about our workout last night: 12 Days of Christmas.  Our basement was filled with 18 of our friends and family. Some were brand new to CrossFit, some were more experienced. We were pretty evenly split with guys and girls. Ages ranged from 21-60. Who would I choose?

I quickly realized this idea would never work!  In the short time that we’ve been coaching these classes in our basement, I have been constantly impressed by these people – yes, they hustle and pick movements up quickly. The “vets” rip through workouts and ask for more. But the heart is what I’m talking about. But wait, this is just a workout, right? If you’re still saying that, you haven’t been to the TreeHouse yet.

One person swears she can’t finish the WOD, but never stops.

A woman who is still trying to muster the motivation to come when she feels sore, but shows up and kills it – with a smile!!!

A mom has devoted her life to her kids, but I can see her finding part of the young woman she was – the athlete who knows how to have fun – when she takes just a little time for herself.

The slightly jaded CrossFit devotee who is just so damn excited to love this sport again and surround himself with people who want to have fun and improve.

The athlete who comes in and finishes a killer team WOD with a smile on his face and a hug for his wife who kept up with him the whole time.

The new kid who excels technically with anything we throw his way, but his favorite part of the night was giving high-fives out – cause “You can’ t not smile when someone give you a high-five!”.

I could literally go on and list something for each of the 18 people that were there last night.

But the point was I couldn’t possibly choose one “star student”. Each of you are inspiring us and helping us to become better coaches. And I hope the end result is a CrossFit box full of friends, supporting each other, becoming their best selves, and building a community. Never losing that heart.