Rooted in Community

By Kristin Steinmetz

Within the CrossFit world, “community”means a lot. It means that when you come into the box, you are not just thereto work out. For that hour these are your best friends, you are there to support the person sweating next to you, and to be accountable to your entire class.You help the previous class put away their weights because they’re still dead on the floor from the WOD you’re about to do. You share a common vocabulary,common dislikes (burpees, anyone), common problems, common victories.

Yes, you are still individuals - with unique stories and personal strengths and weaknesses, both physical and mental. Yet, you understand each other. And outside the gym, I may not have anything in common with the 24 year old, single, recent college grad seemingly without a care in the world. But we are part of the same community.We have a common understanding and I know he has my back when I need that push to finish those last pull-ups.

Assignment: introduce yourself to any unfamiliar faces in your class. They will appreciate it.They’re part of your team now.

I think THIS is the reason people come back. You can sweat anywhere. You can run on a treadmill by yourself, or cram into a class at a big “globo-gym”. But the attitude, that high-five or hug, the feeling of community…those will bring you back.