Athlete Profile #6 - Embrace the Pain

By Kristin Steinmetz

Brian is someone who sets the tone for every class he's in. Everyone's face lights up when they realize Soos is in their class because they know that they're in class with someone who has their back.  He's going to make you laugh, push you harder, and inspire you with his work ethic. A class with Brian has been known to include the several familiar tag lines and even pause to bring up the occassional inspirational video on the tvs (CT Fletcher, anyone?!). He's a pillar in the local community - having grown up Kenilworth and lived here for his whole life, and being a detective down the road in Clark - and he's quickly become one of the leaders of our community.

He has undoubtedly been one of our strongest athletes and is becoming one of our fiercest competitors.  And no, it doesn't stop him from entering a competition even if some of his biggest challenges - double unders or overhead squats - are listed in the WODs.  

"I am the youngest of three children (my parents stopped when they got the perfet child) and for the record, I'm also the most handsome according to many people.  Anyway, my wife, Kristen, and I have two girls, Samantha, 9, and Riley, 5. I currently work for the Clark Police Department where, in addition to having to be in fantastic mental shape, I also need to stay fit physically. Since high school, I guess you can say I followed the traditional fitness culture of going to the local Bally's and performing endless reps. That got me in pretty good shape but left me bored and unmotivated to drag my ass to the gym day after day.

In April 2013, while in the middle of my 17th set of incline dumbbell presses, I felt a pop in my right shoulder.Having dealt with aches and pains before, I forced myself through the rest of the workout and even through the next couple of weeks until I could no longer lift my arm due to the intense pain. I broke down and went to see my doctor who explained that, after years of lifting heavy (and mostly likely not properly), I had bone rubbing on bone and ligament damage that would require surgery. After the surgery to repair years of damage, I vowed I would find new ways to keep myself fit and promised myself that even if the weight was light, I would do the exercises properly.

I remembered that a few years ago I had tried some CrossFit workouts with a guy I worked with. I could never really get into it becuase they were tough to do in conventional gyms and also frowned upon by a lot of personal trainers at the time. I almost felt like I hit a dead end because I enjoyed doing CrossFit, but couldn't find a place that met all my needs. Then in July 2014 CrossFit TreeHouse opened. Upon entering the doors, I was immmediately greeted with open arms by people I had only known through Facebook messages. I knew this was the place for me, and after taking Roots and beginning the daily classes, I realized this is what I had wanted for a long time. After only 6 months, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.  I also feel like I've met a second family in the TreeHouse community - every day is better than the last and it's exciting to workout again!" 

You're in class with Soos? Don't fear it, embrace it!! You're gon' learn today!

 Soos killing some dips at our first in-house throwdown.

Soos killing some dips at our first in-house throwdown.