Taking Your Fitness Outside the Gym

By Kristin Steinmetz

Last night, I spent the evening with some CrossFit friends at a place called East Coast Conditioning. My friends are opening a CrossFit affiliate there, but the facility is outfitted primarily for young athletes to hone their skills in their sport of choice.  We did a great team WOD on the turf and then played volleyball for a couple hours.  It felt great to have all that room to play, and I haven’t played volleyball in many, many years. 

Then this morning, I woke up to watch the documentary on the CrossFit Games.  They stressed the fact that your training has to be well-rounded and inclusive in order to get prepared for what they might throw at you.  I realized how much time we've spent learning about appropriate, effective every day CrossFit programming and working away in our basement this winter.  We’re so excited to have barbells and kettlebells, and to start our squats and dead lifts.  But we can’t lose sight of the point of all this: to be fit all around.  To move well in the box so that it translates to fitness outside the box.  We should be hiking, running, playing sports, getting out of our comfort zone and trying new things.  Testing how our daily strength building is lending itself to physical activities during our “off” time. 

That’s why we do things like plan a trip to Rebounderz, an indoor trampoline facility.  Or set up a team for the Rugged Maniac mud run this summer.  But I think, especially once the weather cooperates, we should be getting out of the box and out of our comfort zones more often.  Look out for things like hikes, pick-up games, batting cages, paintball and friendly competitions. Not to necessarily prepare ourselves for next year’s games; just to prepare ourselves for life.

Ok, I’m going to go finish my documentary now and get more ideas about how to improve our training and our lives.