Athlete Profile #4 - Lost 32 lbs, Gained 48 friends

By Kristin Steinmetz

I wasn't lying when I said that one of our recent shirt designs was inspired by our athletes. In fact, one particular athlete came to mind when I thought of the artwork.  It reads:

1. set goal
2. work hard
3. see results
4. repeat

This could probably be Emile Guevara's motto.  Emile was referred to us by a mutual friend and couldn't wait to get started. He signed up while we were still leading up to our Grand Opening. Since then, he has been putting work in every day.  And when he's not at the TreeHouse, we know he's yelp-ing other boxes while away for work.  He has set several goals for himself - nothing unique, many people do that. The difference is that Emile then sets a plan and works his ass off to cross that skill off his list.  Double-unders? Check. Improving his snatch? Yup. Rope climbs? Done.

Outside of his unparralleled work ethic, we know we can always count on Emile to cheer on his teammates. You'll never catch him putting his equipment away or going outside to cool off if someone is still struggling with those last few wall balls. And you know you can shoot a glance his way for a little encouragement mid-wod. 

"I’m the oldest of four kids and ever since I was little, I’ve always done a lot of things by myself; like a one-man wolf pack, if you will. I find a lot of joy in being able to accomplish something on your own without needing the help of others. This included trying to get into shape.  As my weight fluctuated every few months, I found myself overweight at 222 pounds after the holiday season.  So something definitely wasn’t working.

Then in January this year, I was assigned to work at a contract in Lebanon, PA where there were limited gym options.  But there was one CrossFit box. I had heard a lot about CF and admired many of the athletes, but I had some of my own trepidations and fears with regards to their training regimen.  However, as I had limited options at the time, and clearly working out on my own was not working, I decided to bite the bullet and join the box. 

I started at CrossFit Acernus on March 3, 2014, thinking I’d try it out for a month.  I attended the classes with an open mind and found that the workouts and programming challenged me in ways that I hadn't previously experienced. During the first month, I attended a class every day for a week and on the 8th day found my body to be sore in places I had never been before. Ever since then, I was hooked and signed up for 2 more months straight away. CrossFit shifted my way of thinking about fitness. It was no longer just doing bicep curls or different isolation exercises or simply a physical task; fitness was now also a mental, and most importantly, a communal experience. 

I’ve now been at CrossFit Treehouse for just over 2 months and the community of athletes and coaches is what keeps me coming every day (if my coaches allow it, ha!) and what motivates me to become better. I wake up at 4 am some days just to get in before work or even come in twice a day and push myself daily to try and conquer my fears and be better than I was, not only for myself, but because I want to be able to inspire others during my journey. I can honestly say that I’ve never become faster friends than I have with my fellow CF athletes because we’ve all known what it feels like to be broken down and completely vulnerable after a WOD only to have the encouragement and cheers build you back up. This entire process can’t be replicated elsewhere and definitely creates bonds unlike any other. All told, I’ve lost about 32 lbs. in just over six months and I’m even more motivated to keep working and grinding because I know that my fellow athletes will also be there, continuing to push and support each other."

He is smart, genuine, and a true teammate, and we're lucky to have you in our family tree, Emile.

 Emile putting in some work, as always 

Emile putting in some work, as always