Launching the CFTH Leadership Program

By Kristin Steinmetz

We are thrilled to announce our new candidates for the first CrossFit TreeHouse Leadership Program.
But first we want to recognize all the athletes who applied - we never expected to have to make such a difficult decision.  We would be lucky to have any one of you step up to be leaders, and one day, coaches in this gym.  PLEASE continue on the path you're on and kicking ass as athletes and members of our family tree.

Here are our new recruits! They will be learning,studying, observing and practicing over the next few months with the goal of becoming equipped with the tools become leaders of our community. We felt very strongly that we wanted our eventual coaches to come up from within our community circle.  So when the need arises, you can expect to see great things from these CFTH athletes:

Corey "Cubby" Chandler
Our first athlete...he was with us from the very beginning. His persistence and motivation showed us that we could not only be honing our coaching skills and biding time in the basement, we could be running an affiliate. In addition to working on his own CrossFit goals, he is constantly motivating others. He is even the inspiration behind our rule, "High Fives are Always OK!"  He has made great strides in his CrossFit journey and, with his experience as a leader in the Colonia Fire Department, we know he will become a great leader at the TreeHouse. He might be our little brother, but no doubt he's ready to step up.

Donovan "Diesel" Deysel
Another First Branch athlete, Donovan has the mental strength and inner motivation to get past injuries from his professional Rugby days in South Africa.  He has 4 years experience coaching rugby and 3 years of CrossFit experience under his belt.  He started training with our friends, Heroes Journey CrossFit, but switched closer to home when we opened our basement affiliate and his wife, Marissa, wanted to start. We know that his "teddy bear" smile and his motivating words will be a great asset to his teammates at the TreeHouse, just as they have been for the past 8 months.

As always, our goal is to bring our CFTH athletes the best experience possible.  We have a master plan and the foresight to know that we will grow and will need amazing coaches to help us accommodate bigger classes and more athletes, while still maintaining the quality, safety and community that we prioritize.
And we know that, with motivation and hard work, the techniques can be taught and the tools can be collected...but the attitude and the heart has to be there from the beginning. 

 Corey & Donovan back in the TreeHouse basement days

Corey & Donovan back in the TreeHouse basement days