Athlete Profile #7 - Always a Smile

By Kristin Steinmetz

Rosemary came to us in July to do our trial WOD the day of our grand opening. She’s been a staple ever since – pushing through every workout, no matter how difficult.  Ro literally smiles through every minute of the metcon. She prides herself in the fact that she never stops, never quits, never doubts that she will get through it if she just keeps moving.  You will NEVER hear Ro say she can’t, and she’s quick to remind others of their abilities if she’s hears the doubtful words coming from their mouths.

A very busy accountant, she went through our first 60 Day Challenge in order to get on track before her busy tax season.  She wanted to have the tools necessary to keep herself eating clean and practicing healthy habits even when she can’t get into the box.  She has given up her 4+ cups of coffee a day, has found moderation in her eating and drinking, and has become an expert at planning ahead. And not surprisingly, she became one of the biggest cheerleaders on the Facebook Challenge support group.

“My cousins and I wanted to try CrossFit for years but, despite working out 4-6 times a week, we felt like weren't fit enough for it. Then the TreeHouse grand opening flyer showed up - it was only 2 blocks from my house and it was time to stop contemplating and give it a try. So I snuck out to the trial class that Saturday (of all weekends to have houseguests!), signed up on the spot and started Roots that Monday with 10 new friends. 

I must admit, I had knots in my stomach every night I walked to Roots. I was even nervous afterwards, when we finished foundations and were ‘released into the wild’, but I also headed home every night feeling proud of myself that I was doing something that was way out of my comfort zone. 

Fast forward to my first six months as an athlete and I realize that there are too many fantastic things to say here, so I'll point out a few highlights:

First, it didn’t take long to realize that age, gender and ability are left at the door.  Whether you're doing the moves scaled or RX, the person next to you is working just as hard and cheering you on.

Second, I have become a better and more confident person inside and outside of the TreeHouse.  To quote Doug, my other half, '’ don’t care if you ever look any different, I love what that place has done for you'.  Wow! 

Third, the promise they made that we would be doing physical things we never thought we could do is true.  I never imagined I would lift a weight that had three digits to the left of the decimal point and if you told me I would be able run a mile after only a few months, I would have called you crazy. I couldn't even trot down to the end of the street when I started.  I had tears in my eyes on the last day of our 60 day challenge when the gang was rooting me on to the finish line, which was, by the way the third time I did it!

Finally, the TreeHouse gang is so positive and happy, I have learned to block out the toxic people in the outside world and not let them get to me.  If they want to be miserable, they can go right ahead.  The new and improved 'Ro' has no time for you to bring her down! Special thanks to everyone at the TreeHouse, especially Devon, my first Treehouse buddy.”

Ro once told me that one of our first athletes of the month – my mother, Diana – was her inspiration for starting CrossFit.  Well, I hope she can now see what an inspiration she is to everyone who takes a class with her.  She’s come such a long way with her movements and capacity, but she remains so humble.  I’m pretty sure she doesn’t realize what a badass she is.

  Ro & her cousin, Judy, kickin ass and takin names

Ro & her cousin, Judy, kickin ass and takin names