Athlete Profile #9 - Gaining Confidence, WOD by WOD

By Kristin Steinmetz

Like a handful of athletes, Monica came to us with a little CrossFit experience - some good, some not so good. She also came to us with past injuries and some fears to push past. But she moved well and didn't need convincing that CrossFit was for her. She's stronger than she knows and, with a little help from her friends, she is moving safely, pushing hard and seeing results. 

"I moved to North Jersey about a year and a half ago, but I’m originally from the shore. I’m the middle child of three, and I was raised by two very old school Italian parents (this is the part where you feel bad for me). I’ve been divorced for about four years and right now I’m working in Manhattan as a Project Manager and finishing up my MBA. 

Growing up, I was always a little bit of a chubby kid. Cute, but chubby. I got picked on a lot, so weight has always been a bit of an issue for me. I was tired of being out of shape and about three years ago, I discovered CrossFit and thought I would give it a try. I found a spot that offered “Crossfit” – and well, about two weeks in, I hurt my back and had to stop immediately. They had no clue what they were doing and had no business promoting themselves as a CrossFit affiliate. After that, I took about four months off to heal then decided to try it again and found another gym, this time a real affiliate box. I did okay, but didn’t get to do most of the actual movements because of my back. A few months later,  I moved to Union for work and that was that. About 4 months ago I found myself out of shape, lonely, depressed and pretty much completely miserable and thoroughly disgusted with myself. I knew that I needed to make some changes….and CrossFit came to mind. After searching far and wide for a new box, I finally found #CFTH and it’s been the best decision I could have ever made. 

Since coming here I’ve been pushed to my limits, forced to dig deep and find the strength to push through every workout. I’m actually doing so many of the moves I never thought possible (like snatches, cleans, etc…) – things that I remember telling the coaches I wasn’t able to do because of my back injury. Yet here I am doing 85 reps of WOD 15.4 scaled, when three months ago I could barely lift an empty bar off the ground - I’d say that’s not too shabby for an old lady with a reconstructed left ankle, herniated and bulging discs and a bad right shoulder (thanks to high school track & field).  

I still have a ways to go and I struggle with some of the basic movements (I’m coming for you strict pull-ups!), and I still need to conquer eating properly - which has always been an ongoing issue for me - but I think applying the "dig deep" concept will work just fine when I need to say no to that amazing looking donut! 

But seriously, I could not have done any of this without my TreeHouse family behind me. They push me to do those extra five reps when I don’t think I can even do one more.  The coaches and the athletes here have so much heart - and have been instrumental in making me see things (and myself) a little differently – and have helped me find the confidence I’ve been missing for quite a long time. I am a work in progress. I’m nowhere near the best and I don’t have delusions of going to the Games next year.  But I’m good with that because it’s not about being the best, it’s about being YOUR best! I feel so blessed to have found such a great place, and such great people to share my journey with!! I love my #CFTH family!!!!!"

And we love you, too, Monica!! You're proof that you don't have to come into this with confidence, but if you try your best you WILL see positive results - in the box, in the mirror and in your everyday life.  Keep coming in everyday and doing what you do!

 In her first couple weeks - she looks so scared!! And so cute with those pigtails :)

In her first couple weeks - she looks so scared!! And so cute with those pigtails :)