Athlete Profile #10 - Becoming a Stronger Couple

By Kristin Steinmetz

DJ and Susan came to us to "lose a few pounds" for their upcoming wedding. I'm not sure any of us expected to see the results they saw. They instantly took to the training and fell in love with the sport. Coaching DJ or Susan is a pleasure - they want so badly to improve and push themselves to their limits, even in the beginning when they hadn't built up the strength and endurance they currently have. They love to socialize and support their fellow athletes and have become very special members of our CFTH community.

DJ's Story

"Ever since the first time I saw the Crossfit Games televised on ESPN a few years back I’ve been fascinated by it.  The feats of strength with the combination of endurance and gymnastics were truly awe-inspiring, but I had never had the courage to try it out.  And I certainly never thought in a million years I’d have the ability to do the things I saw them doing on TV.
When Susan and I decided to get control of our lives, CFTH was there to help us along every step of the way.  I knew from our first date I was going to marry Susan and I knew from our first Roots class, that CFTH was a place that together we were going to achieve anything we ever wanted.

Everything about our experience has been tremendous.  From the coaches, to the workouts, to our tree-mates, we knew we made the right decision by becoming a part of this amazing community.  A community whose roots are deep and leaves are plentiful.
We take comfort in knowing that this is just the beginning.  These five months, although they’ve been amazing, are just the start of our Crossfit experience.  For the rest of our lives, we’ll have each other and we’ll have Crossfit.  It’s not one of those "remember when" things, it’s going to be one of those 85-year-old Partner WOD things.  CFTH has brought us so much joy and we can’t wait to continue our journey."

Susan's Story

"Something I’ve always admired about DJ is that he gets obsessed with the things he cares about and is interested in. I’m lucky enough to be one of those things. 

Our CrossFit journey began after a pretty serious engagement photo shoot wake-up call (we’ll call them the “before” pics). It didn’t feel good to look at the pictures and see what we had done to ourselves – or not done for ourselves. We knew it was time to get in shape. We promised each other a thousand times that we would start running again, we would start going to the gym... but it just wasn’t happening. 
I had been thinking for a while about CrossFit, but was afraid to commit to it. I had been told that CrossFit involved two things that were definitely not in my wheelhouse: weightlifting and socializing. DJ was all about it – and with some research, he found CFTH and felt that it was a good fit. After stalking the Instagram account, Facebook page and website, we decided in November that it was time to make the move. 

I resolved that to ease my anxiety, I would do what I always do – follow DJ’s lead. After all, he’s the socializer – everybody loves DJ! Our Roots family was a fantastic starting point – and even though I had no idea what Kristin was talking about (“What does she want me to clean?”), her energy and the friendly atmosphere of the TreeHouse family made me want to come back for more. And after a few weeks, I started to feel like I was really becoming a part of the family tree.

Although I am now at a point where I feel at ease at the TreeHouse without my bodyguard, I still enjoy every second of being in class with DJ. He has been an amazing teammate – pushing, encouraging and cheering me on both in and out of the box. No matter how hard I am on myself, he is always right there reminding me how strong I’ve become and how much I have accomplished in just 5 short months. 

Our transformations are the result of hard work and commitment, motivated by excellent coaching and solid support from our community. A community that we thought we would be passersby of. Instead, the TreeHouse has become a part of who we are, something we are committed to, something we have come to truly enjoy. We are so excited for our wedding in August – and look forward to sharing our “after” pics with you!"