Athlete Profile #11 - The Cox Family - Different Goals, Same Result

By Kristin Steinmetz

We've come to be known as a family box. And it's a reputation that we hold dear. We have so many couples, parents and children that call CrossFit TreeHouse their home. And the Cox family is no exception. Some of our couples join together for the support. And some get addicted, and drag their other halves in kicking and screaming. I can happily say that the whole Cox family now enjoys coming to the box. And the next generation is looking pretty darn good if the boys follow in Mom and Dad's footsteps!

"So my journey with CrossFit began with a mindset of “Nope, I’m not interested in CrossFit.  I am happy with my current routine.”.  But over and over I heard from various people that I should try and that I would love it.  And fast forward to today, and, as much as I hate to admit this, I was wrong! Yes, it’s true, and those of you that know me know that being wrong isn’t easy for me to accept.  All joking aside, here is our story: 

Growing up, I was that kid—the one with a few extra pounds that was told “you’re not fat, you are just pleasantly plump”.  I was never sure if I should be insulted or flattered by the clever play on words.  I got very focused on working out soon after I graduated college and kept up with all different types of routines in order to keep fit.  Bobby, on the other hand, always looked to find regimens that put the weight on and built mass since he never had to struggle with weight issues.

Last summer Bobby and I had a long conversation with our friend, Brian Soos, at a backyard get together, Brian had joined this new place in town and absolutely loved it there.  It was clean (as we all are well aware!), it had great people and hands down the best owners/trainers around.  He sparked our interest but I still was not ready to give in.  Bobby, on the other hand, signs up for the free trial and goes through the Roots program.  He loved it!  And I swear, if he told me one more time that I should really consider giving it a try because he knows I would love it too, I was gonna lose my mind!  And I almost did lose my mind when he called me up one random late October afternoon and said “You start Roots on Monday”(insert angry red face here).   

We decide we will try this out for a couple months and see what happens.  WHAT HAPPENS?!?!?!?! We workout almost daily. We enter our first friendly throwdown competition at a neighboring box with some hesitation. We do the 2015 Open workouts and do pretty good. And then I enter the Steelfit competition and come to find out today that I placed in my division and am headed to Jenks!……DAMMIT!!!! People were right….Bobby was right…. I do love it!!!  

We have two beautiful boys….Bobby, 12 and Joey, 9.  Most of you probably know them already since they are frequent visitors to watch the craziness unfold before their eyes!  And now our son Bobby is involved in a weekly program at CrossFit TreeHouse designed for youth sports agility and technique.  After his first class, he came home talking a mile a minute about how great the class was and how much better he was at box jumps than his mother!  He asked if he could do our classes with us every day.   Joey anxiously waits until he is old enough to start taking classes as well.  I never realized what a competitive family we were until we start talking WODS and strength and who can jump higher than whom.  It’s become a bond between us and it couldn’t make me happier! 

This place, this CrossFit TreeHouse place, has earned so much of our respect and our dedication.  We enjoy every class and are surrounded by great people.  The exceptional coaches care about you and want to make you the best that you can be by helping you become stronger and pushing you to limits that you didn’t know were possible.  We have met some outstanding people that we now can truly call friends.   We are beyond honored and even more grateful to be a part of this awesome family tree!!"