Mike Medrano - Coach

Coach Mike is a professional MMA fighter and personal trainer to the stars who stumbled on CrossFit by accident. Since then he's become addicted to the challenging workouts and pushing himself past his comfort zone to become a better athlete and coach. Coach Mike has a genuine love for fitness and sees the potential of our athletes, pushing them past their limits and making them see just how amazing they are.  



  • CrossFit L1 Trainer
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified

"Since the age of 12, I have actively competed in multiple sports including: Bayonne Olympic Lifting Team, St. Peter's Prep Football, Track and Wrestling Team, as well as Power Lifting.  This variety of different techniques and disciplines culminated into what is now my profession. After playing College Football and running track at Monmouth University, I spent many years playing in Semi-Professional leagues and even had try-outs with the NFL, CFL and Arena league teams.  As I grew older, my training evolved and I began to practice Brazilian Jujitsu, Capoeira and Muay Thai, as well as different strength training elements, such as the Kettlebell. 

My life became a series of workouts with the focus transitioning into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, becoming a Professional MMA fighter in 2007 at the age of 28.  My training consisted of a mix of Boxing, Kickboxing, Jujitsu, and High intensity weight training. My career blossomed into Personal Training where I use my variety of techniques to mold celebrity bodies such as Andy Cohen, Mark Consuelos, Irina Shayke and many others... Teaching all the information that I have accumulated over my 26 years of experience, has become my art. To sculpt the human body is an art, and through trial and error in my own nutrition, body fat inquiries and training methods, I combine into CrossFit.

Crossfit was introduced to me while I was attending a Russian Kettle Bell course for my certification.  All the movements in CrossFit were familiar but there were some that were more challenging to master, such as double-unders and muscle ups. In 2012, I began training with CrossFit and have competed in the annual CrossFit Open every year since. I love mastering my body and taking its limits to a whole new level. I am 38 years old and eventually, I must retire as an MMA fighter and dedicate myself to teaching. CrossFit has given me another avenue where I can keep the competitive edge and feed my drive to excel, while aging wisely.  To enjoy life is to surpass your own limitations and find new ground to stand on. If you have seen me in action at the gym, then you know that I am a gym rat for life. I train and teach in NY at Will space, as well as Allstar BJJ in NJ and I am proud to have added CrossFit TreeHouse as my new home - a place to continue my journey.  I want to help people, especially kids. I want to be like all those coaches who were father figures for me, who helped me when I had nothing at all but a dream."

Coach Mike