Corey "Cubby" Chandler - Coach

Coach Cubby started his CrossFit journey at the urging of his big brother, Coach Jason, who finally convinced him to give it a try after months of coaxing. From the moment he finished the workout, Coach Cubby was hooked, and realized soon after that coaching was the next step in his journey. Coach Cubby is well versed in olympic lifting and plans on adding more CrossFit certs to his belt.



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified

When a long 9 years of wrestling had to come to an end after high school the only thing I did to stay in shape was run a few miles and lift some weights at the firehouse about 3 times a week. I thought I was in really good shape - I was one of the stronger, younger guys on the fire department and I was happy with how I performed through my training at the academy. Then one day, my oldest brother Jason told me to come a try out a CrossFit workout. From what I heard, I was pretty much against CrossFit. I had not a clue what it was about, it just didn't seem like a traditional work out to me and I put it off for a while. I believe my first CrossFit workout was an 8:00 AMRAP. I thought 8 minutes should be easy enough! At about the 3 minute mark I dropped off HARD! Did I underestimate that - something that seemed so easy really whooped my ass! I can’t recall how many rounds I got through, but I am sure that my brother probably completed double. As I laid on the basement floor of the original CrossFit TreeHouse, I knew I was hooked! The feeling of being completely drained from a workout reminded me of those terribly awesome wrestling matches where everything I had was left out on that mat.

The year that followed brought some incredible PR's, some awesome times in competitions and, most of all, a lot of new friends! The community aspect of CrossFit was what really hooked me, to be honest. Growing up I was always the kid yelling at my teammates on the football field and before wrestling matches to motivate them. That motivation carried over to when I became the captain of the varsity wrestling team when I was in high school. I was often the person that others looked up to for advice and motivation. Even after high school, I have continued to be in leadership roles as the President of the Colonia Fire Department and the lead advisor to our Explorer program, which is a Jr. Firefighter program.

It only seemed natural to begin my journey as a CrossFit coach. I began thinking about it after only a short 6 months or so of actually doing CrossFit. And hanging out pretty much at every spare moment I had with my brother at the CFTH gave me a mentor to follow. The fact that the mentor was my older brother made it so easy - what younger brother didn't naturally look up to and want to be like their older sibling!? So I watched, listened and learned all I could. When it came time for me to go to my Level 1 Trainer course, I was already very well prepared. I have Jason and Erica to thank most of all for that. But the rest of the CFTH showed me nothing but support throughout the whole process as well. I am so excited to assist all of our athletes in any way possible and continue to grow our family tree!"

Coach Corey