So where did the name "CrossFit Treehouse" come from?

When you think of a treehouse, you think of being with your friends, laughing and having a great time making memories. Well that's just what we do at CrossFit Treehouse - we laugh, support each other, play hard and CrossFit, can't get much better than that! We also help our athletes grow and flourish, helping them accomplish what they once thought was impossible. 

What makes CFTH different?

Countless times we've heard horror stories from folks who have gone to other boxes and had pretty bad experiences - from being taught improper movement resulting in injuries, to facilities that would definitely be shut down by the health department.  We've worked hard to make CrossFit Treehouse more than a box - at CFTH we are family! 

Here are a couple of things that set us apart....

  • "No Sweat" Intro Session, with one-on-one assessment from our Head coach
  • "Roots" Foundations program for first time CrossFitters
  • Small classes led by experienced coaches, ensuring proper movement and the safety of our athletes
  • Flexible schedule and adaptable programming to fit the needs of ALL athletes
  • Membership includes unlimited classes, month-to-month pricing and no hidden fees or contracts
  • CFTH sponsored events and fundraisers
  • On-going CrossFit Kids programs for Kids and Teens